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SOLIDWORKS woodworking projects

Learn how to boost your SOLIDWORKS woodworking projects with SWOOD Design, CAM and Nesting. Create your programs and manufacturing documents directly into SOLIDWORKS with full associativity.

SWOOD Design is a dedicated woodworking design package that plugs directly into SOLIDWORKS. With specialised tools, simple ‘drag and drop’ features, and a customisable library, SWOOD Design has everything you need to create your products accurately and efficiently.

SWOOD CAM is capable of managing all types of NC woodworking machines and features intuitive tools that allow you to create your programs and production documents directly inside SOLIDWORKS.


Utopia have been at the forefront of the UK bathroom industry for 30 years. Implementing SWOOD throughout their business has helped them improve design consistency, decrease time taken to create BOM data and drive multiple NC machines from the same software. Watch the video to find out more about their SWOOD experience.