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An addition to the SWOOD CAM module, SWOOD Nesting allows for automatic panel optimisation on boards specifically for CNC use. It takes in to consideration grain direction and other panel parameters to ensure an optimised positioning with optional manual adjustments possible where needed.


  • Automatic optimisation
  • Stock control
  • Manual positioning
  • Solidworks integration

Automatic Optimisation

SWOOD Nesting is an autonomous tool used to help optimise the positioning of panels within the boards of your stock material. Your full project ready to manufacture at the click of a button.

Stock Control

The use of a boards library allows for all your stock materials to be defined with their specification details ready to be used to manufacture your projects.

Manual Positioning

Manual adjustments can be made to further optimise the nesting of your panels and SWOOD projects tailored to the manufacturing requirements of the user to suit their CNC machine.

SOLIDWORKS Integration

The optimised nesting layouts are generated creating native SOLIDWORKS assembly files with tool paths applied directly to the SOLIDWORKS geometry. This direct associativity to the SOLIDWORKS files means any changes to the model geometry are automatically brought through to the SWOOD Cam and Nesting Projects.