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SWOOD Design is a dedicated woodworking design package that plugs directly into SOLIDWORKS. With specialised tools, simple drag and drop features and a customisable library SWOOD Design has everything you need to design your products efficiently and accurately.


  • Intelligent Library based features
  • Material Management
  • SWOOD Assemblies
  • Simplify Updates
  • Reporting

Intelligent Library based features

Create and customise libraries of panels, edgebands, connectors and more to suit your needs and speed up your design process. Apply features using simple drag and drop or create insertion rules to maintain parametric intelligence.

Material Management

SWOOD simplifies material management and tailors them to a woodworking environment, allowing for materials to drive the panel thickness and set the grain direction.

SWOOD Assemblies

SWOOD has a number of tools to streamline assembly design. Add your completed designs to a library and use them to create new parametric and adaptable assemblies. This unique functionality enables you to easily insert doors, drawers, shelves along with all the supporting hardware and machining operations.

Simplify Updates

Assemblies created in SWOOD can be linked to a layout sketch which allows you to update the overall size of units and have all the constituent parts intelligently update to match.


Save time and avoid mistakes by exporting customisable reporting documents. Hardware, cut lists, labels and more can all be exported to a range of different formats.

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