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SOLIDWORKS CAM is a CNC solution that is integrated directly into SOLIDWORKS CAD. Powered by CAMWorks it features 2.5 & 3 axis CNC milling and 2 axis CNC lathe programming and makes use of Model Based Definition (MBD) and Knowledge Based Machining (KBM). SOLIDWORKS CAM can rapidly transform your design-to-manufacturing process by improving communication, reducing errors, reducing cycle times, and increasing your product quality.


SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard is included with every license of SOLIDWORKS on subscription and provides simple, yet powerful, CAM capabilities for machining prismatic parts. With SOLIDWORKS CAM standard you can program 2.5 and 3 axis milling operations for parts. In addition to this an NC Editor is supplied to check all G-code before it goes to the machine.


SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional supports the 3+2 Milling, and enables you to machine multiple components together as an assembly. This avoids the need to use fixtures, making it an ideal solution for tombstone machining. SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional also features VoluMill, which allows for fast and efficient machining strategies and reduced cycle times. Finally, SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional has 2 axis lathe capability which provides a great foundation for machining turned components.


If you need to make use of simultaneous multi axis machining or have mill turn application, CAMWorks is a great upgrade path which seamlessly integrates with your SOLIDWORKS CAM workflow and data.

Find out more about the full functionality available in CAMWorks here.


Tolerance Based Machining

Uses tolerances and features in 3D models to automatically create CNC programs

Feature Based Machining

Automatic Feature Recognition (AFR) automatically recognises over 20 types of prismatic features on native SOLIDWORKS part models. This reduces programming time by as much as 90% compared to traditional CAM software

Knowledge Based Machining

Allows you to capture and reuse your programmers’ best practices using the patented TechDB. This reduces programming time by 80% and means your company owns the database where employee’s knowledge and skill can be stored.

CAMWorks Virtual Machine

Performs true G-code machine simulation directly from the G-code used for the CNC machine, eliminating dry runs and set up time

CAMWorks VoluMill™

The ultra high-performance tool-path engine allows you to reduce your cycle time by 80% for complex 3D- shapes and prismatic parts

Our parent company, Solid Solutions, has produced this walk through video examining SOLIDWORKS CAM in detail. Make sure to subscribe to their channel for lots more CADCAM content!