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Certified SOLIDWORKS Surface Modelling Course

Key information

  • Course Code - CAD05
  • Level - 3
  • Duration - 2 days
  • Price - 0.00


This course helps you to improve the form and function of your products through the use of surfacing techniques to create complex model geometry. The course introduces the background to surfacing and a wide variety of different surface modelling approaches to improve your skills. A Surface model is not just a skill for those design sculpted consumer products, the skills taught within this course are useful for any engineer who may work with imported geometry, imported and incomplete scanned surface data, and complex modifications to models that would be difficult with a purely solid modelling approach.

Topics Covered

  • Working with surfaces
  • Solid-surface Hybrid Modelling
  • Repairing and Editing Imported Geometry with Surface Techniques
  • Swept and Lofted Surfaces
  • Blending and Patching with Surfaces
  • Master Modelling Techniques


Next steps

Many surface users will go on to produce their designs and moulded or casted items, therefore a natural progression from SOLIDWORKS Surfacing is to undertake a SOLIDWORKS Mould Design CAD08 course to develop their design into complex mould tooling.