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Certified SOLIDWORKS Essentials 3D Part and Assembly Modelling Course (4 Day)

Key information

  • Course Code - CAD01-4
  • Level - 1
  • Duration - 4 days
  • Price - 0.00


This is our entry level course for SOLIDWORKS, it is applicable to those new to 3D CAD design or converting across from a different CAD package and covers the basic fundamentals of SOLIDWORKS as well as introducing many of the common features used within the package. The course is focused on providing an essential range of SOLIDWORKS skills and concepts to get you up and running using the software. It is also suitable for Designers who may have originally done their training some time ago and have not been able to keep up to date with the software’s yearly updates.

Topics Covered

  • Navigating the User Interface
  • Sketching in SOLIDWORKS
  • Modelling techniques to convey design intent
  • Basic Part Modelling
  • Patterns
  • Revolved Features
  • Modelling Thin Walled Items
  • Editing models for repairs or developments
  • Configurations
  • Bottom-up assembly modelling


  • Mechanical Design Experience
  • Experience with Windows Operating System
  • To gain the most from the course we recommend that attendees cover the getting started tutorials supplied with SOLIDWORKS (in SOLIDWORKS Select the help menu then select “SOLIDWORKS Tutorials”)
  • If you are unsure about the content of this course or the pre-requisites. Please call 08082 744 224.

Next Steps

After completing the essentials course we recommend attending our 2D Drawings and Detailing Course (CAD02) to focus on drawing output and our Advanced Parts (CAD03) and Assembly Modelling (CAD04) courses to further introduce new SOLIDWORKS functionality to improve your modelling skills and efficiency.