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Want to work at your own pace to increase your SOLIDWORKS knowledge?

We have teamed up with SolidProfessor to offer a comprehensive collection of online training modules and video tutorials for SOLIDWORKS design and modelling software. Sign up to get all the tools you need to develop your design skills at your own pace and in your own time – and see the results of increased productivity.

You can learn the basics of sketching, parts, assemblies and drawings or if you've been using SOLIDWORKS for some time and just need a refresher, then you can access the more advanced topics like surfacing, sheet metal and simulation.

Courses are concept based and made up of a series of short video lessons (around 5 minutes each), which go into detail on how features and functions in SOLIDWORKS can be applied. They include downloadable part files so you can follow along and learn by taking part. (Tests have proved this dramatically increases knowledge retention!)

As part of this training you also have access to an extensive library of hands-on interactive projects and case studies covering real-world design scenarios. For further details please give us a call on 0800 018 6957 or complete the form below and we'll get straight back to you.

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eLearning Benefits

Continuous learning with New Technology CADCAM

Working with New Technology CADCAM you can foster a culture of continuous learning by equipping your team with a skills development program that delivers measurable results and makes you more effective as a team and a business. Our training offers the following benefits:​

  • Simple to deploy
  • Increase engineering capacity
  • Reduce design errors
  • Standardise design practices
  • Rapidly on-board new users

The NT Enterprise User eLearning System is cloud based and provides a number of benefits to both management and employees alike. Convenient web access makes it easy for team members to login and learn from anywhere with an Internet connection, eliminating costly travel and out of office situations.

The following eLearning courses are available from New Technology CADCAM:

  • NT SOLIDWORKS Standard eLearning
  • NT SOLIDWORKS Professional eLearning
  • NT SOLIDWORKS Premium eLearning
  • NT Enterprise User eLearning
  • NT Enterprise Administrator eLearning - (0-9 Users)
  • NT Enterprise Administrator eLearning - (10 to 19 Users)
  • NT Enterprise Administrator eLearning - (20+ Users)
  • NT CAMWorks eLearning

NT Enterprise eLearning pricing is scaled based on the size and needs of your team. For further details on any of the above courses please give us a call on 0800 018 6957

Alternatively complete the form ​above and we'll get straight back to you.