NT Toolbox

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Toolbox_bannerThe NT Toolbox is a new time-saving interface from New Technology CADCAM that works within SOLIDWORKS to make those painful repetitive processes a thing of the past.

Full of useful short cuts and direct access to all your industry specific news, events, tools and data sources, the NT Toolbox will get you to the information you want instantly.

Developed by New Technology CADCAM you can download the NT Toolbox Add-in application here for free and immediately start harnessing the benefits.

Currently, the Toolbox comes with several default tools including the NT Auto Numbering Tool which automatically names SOLIDWORKS documents with a sequential number scheme that matches your code structure and then saves them in the relevant 'project folder'. Other functionalities include Quick Save Utilities and a Support Tab which takes you directly to our Go To Meeting and FTP sites with one click of the mouse without leaving SOLIDWORKS.

Let NT Toolbox take away the frustration of all those repetitive actions that are painfully slow with lots of different steps. Pick and choose the apps you need to access critical and relevant information from our website and bypass those 'pain points' to speed up work processes.


Are you an existing user of NT Toolbox? 

NT Toolset adds new functionality and exciting new features to the NT Toolbox, for pricing information please contact your account manager.