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Want to know more about optimising your design or reducing your physical prototyping costs? 

Simulation software tools are a crucial part in the design process that are helping our customers get their products designed right first time, before any expensive prototyping or manufacturing begins.

Find out how you can check your product’s performance and test for strength, fatigue, motion, drop tests and vibration before even cutting a piece of metal with a free, introductory webinar on SOLIDWORKS Simulation on Wednesday 26 April. 

We caught up with the webinar host, SOLIDWORKS Technical Manager Mattias Robbertsson to ask him what you can expect from the 30-minute webinar.

Q: Who is this webinar aimed at?
This webinar is for anybody that has an interest in the SOLIDWORKS’ Simulation tool and wants to know a little bit more about how to use it.  I will be focusing on design optimisation and showcasing the tools in this area and how to use them.
Q: What is the main reason why a designer would not want to use Simulation?
Often it can be a lack of confidence and concern that the time spent testing will not add value. But once you start using Simulation you will use it more and more to help you make a better design.
It is like using a calculator compared to hand calculations – why would anyone go back?

Q: What questions are you always asked about Simulation?
Can we trust the results? Can we use it? Do we need specialist training?
Yes, Yes and No.

Q: What kind of benefits can a company expect when their designers start using Simulation?
There are 3 key areas:
1) Improved performance 
2) Lower cost
3) Increased quality  
Simulation is a critical tool that designers and engineers can use to accomplish all this.
Q: What are your 3 favourite tools in Simulation?
Solving time – it is fast!  A problem that took a whole day 20 years ago, we can now do in seconds.
ISO section view – it is a great tool to understand where the energy is absorbed in the material.
Design changes – just rerun the calculation and see if that was a good or bad decision.

Q: How do I sign up?
The webinar is on Wednesday 26 April 9.30-10.00am, register here for the SOLIDWORKS Simulation Webinar

For more information on SOLIDWORKS Simulation download our Simulation eBook or read NT CADCAM’s customer case study with Tomoe Valves, who accelerated their testing times by 80 percent with our simulation solutions.

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