CAMWorks Game Changer For 2017 Release

Ian Weston - Business Development Director
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  1. What’s the hottest thing in manufacturing right now?

    Without a doubt - Model Based Definition (MBD). SOLIDWORKS MBD, which provides Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) and geometric dimensioning and tolerancing instructions in 3D CAD design, was launched last year and is already helping our customers communicate their designs to the shop floor faster.  

    Now CAMWorks, our CAM software that’s fully associative to SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD, is launching CAMWorks MBD that will automate the transition from design to manufacture.  It’s the missing link we’ve been waiting for. CAMWorks will use SOLIDWORKS MBD data to automate tool, operation and strategy to machine the part and eliminate manufacturers’ reliance on traditional 2D drawings.  If the model or tolerances change, the strategies and tool paths will update automatically to meet the new requirements.

    These new capabilities within CAMWorks means manufacturers will also be able to take advantage of tolerance based machining Machine to the Mean, helping our customers eliminate costly, time-consuming model offsets and rebuilds. 

    It’s two game changing technologies that we are very excited to be bringing to the UK market.

  2. What ‘pain points’ are customers asking you about?

    We are constantly being asked about data translation and file repair. Model integrity is crucial for any manufacturer. Often, we see a product design being moved from supplier to supplier and potentially going through several different CAD systems before it gets to the manufacturer.

    The problem is that every time that file is opened and saved in another format, it is losing some of its data integrity. If there is any data lost in translation, then the manufacturing process can easily be compromised. We help our customers that require good quality, stitched surfaces fix this problem with a clever piece of software called TransMagic.

    The second query we always get asked is how to programme complex machine tools such as 4 and 5-axis. Currently the process is causing a lot of headaches for the shop floor to programme, so there is a growing trend to prove the programming offline and for this we have CAMWorks Virtual Machining.

    Manufacturers are able to achieve true G-code machine simulation directly from the G-code file, eliminating costly collisions, errors and machine downtime and Universities love it because where they can’t afford to buy all of the complex machines on which they would like to teach, they work on models of machines instead.

  3. What are New Technology CADCAM’s top selling CAM products of 2016?

    The most popular CAMWorks product we sell is for 3-Axis milling, but we are seeing growing demand for Mill/Turn and for Wood routing with a 2½-Axis. The wood market is interesting as designers are only now moving to 3D CAD software, so there is naturally a requirement for more wood licences in CAM.

  4. Why is an integrated CAD/CAM solution crucial in today’s market?

    Normally, if there is a problem the CAD team will blame the CAM team and vice-versa. ‘It’s a problem with the design?’ ‘No, it’s a problem with the post processor’, so who do you call? Your CAD supplier or your CAM supplier? Going back and forth like this gets you no-where, wastes time and just leaves you with one big headache and a feeling of complete frustration.

    The benefit of having a holistic CAD and CAM solution from one vendor eliminates the headache! The more integrated your technologies, the more effectively your teams can work together; increasing productivity, avoiding bottlenecks and keeping your business competitive.  And you’ve only got one number to call for support.

     At New Technology CADCAM, we have taken the best in design and manufacturing technologies to create a one-stop shop for all our customers. We introduced SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD to the UK and the best manufacturing solution to partner it is CAMWorks. As a gold partner product to SOLIDWORKS, the coders at CAMWorks understand the CAD software better than anyone and know how CAM software should be integrated.

  5. What effect is Brexit having on UK manufacturing?

    At New Technology CADCAM we see that volume manufacturing is still dominated in Asia, but increasingly, we are seeing designs come through specifying that they ‘Must be manufactured in the UK.’ I saw one only the other day for a scissor lift. It’s reassuring to see because for high-end engineering – such as specialist machine tools, automotive and aerospace designs - the UK has an amazing pedigree. We are really good engineers and manufacturers in this country and we are highly specialised for the high-end market.

To find out more about CAMWorks, TransMagic, CamWorks Virtual Machining or any other CAD/CAM products, contact NT CADCAM on 0800 0186957

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