Plastics Overview

Our Plastic Manufacturing Solutions

Using CAM directly in SOLIDWORKS can let you generate all the manufacturing information you need to produce the components you need. Some benefits include:

  • Accurately create complex toolpaths from the part geometry.
  • Automatic toolpath updates with part geometry changes.
  • The ability to simply swap between CNC machines.
  • Simulate toolpaths before machining to ensure perfect operation.


Routing and Panel Work

For users machining plastic panels SWOOD CAM is an ideal choice to aid streamline your work with all the optimisations for panelling in wood being completely transferrable to plastic.

  • Simple definition of profile and tab cutting for Panels.
  • Program and Simulate the use of Saw blades.
  • Utilise the Multi-Axis toolset to trim complex components.


Complex Milling and Mould and Die

If you are machining engineered components from plastics or are making moulds for the plastics industry, SolidCAM has a comprehensive toolset to help you machine your components with ease on a variety of CNC machines.

  • Minimise roughing cycle times through the use of 3D imachining.
  • Get great surface finishes with a full suite of purpose made 3D finishing toolpaths.

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