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SOLIDWORKS certified training courses

There is no doubt that good training pays dividends. As the UK's leading SOLIDWORKS Certified Training Centre we strongly believe that the best way to maximise productivity and get the best return on your investment, is to ensure your staff are trained properly.

Whether you are investing in a new CAD system, upgrading one you have already heavily invested in, or are simply increasing the number of CAD operators in your team, the learning process takes additional time and unless structured properly can lead to lower productivity initially, or even the development of bad habits.

NT CADCAM provides you with fully certified and accredited SOLIDWORKS trainers who are experienced engineers, enabling us to provide constructive, relevant tuition. All trainees are given their own dedicated PC whilst receiving the correct amount of personal attention required. Our state of the art training centres are conveniently located throughout the UK, all fully equipped with the latest high-spec workstations.

NT CADCAM offers a comprehensive range of both scheduled SOLIDWORKS training courses and partner product courses, which can be held either at your nearest training centre or on-site at your own premises. And if you are unable to find the course you need then please give us a call and we'll be happy to help.

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Training Courses

  • 7th September 2015 Certified SolidWorks Advanced Part Modelling Bromsgrove - Two Days Book online
  • 7th September 2015 Certified SolidWorks Advanced Part Modelling Sheffield - Two Days Book online
  • 8th September 2015 Certified SolidWorks Simulation Bromsgrove - Three Days Book online