SOLIDWORKS 2018 products are easy to learn and easy to use. Now using the advantages of 3D, engineers and designers are able to focus on designing products faster, better and more cost effectively and bring their designs to life.

SOLIDWORKS solutions span the full range of product development processes with a seamless integrated workflow across design, testing, communication and data management. This allows the design cycle to be shortened, productivity to be increased and innovative products to be brought to market faster.

SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD delivers powerful functionality across three different versions ranging from SOLIDWORKS Standard  for rapid creation of parts, assemblies and 2D drawings; to SOLIDWORKS Professional building on the capabilities of SOLIDWORKS Standard to increase design productivity with file management tools, advanced photorealistic rendering and more; to SOLIDWORKS Premium which brings a comprehensive 3D design solution encompassing powerful simulation and design validation, as well as ECAD/MCAD collaboration, reverse engineering and advanced wire and pipe routing functionality.

To find out which version is right for you take a look at our SOLIDWORKS Matrix.

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  • Is SOLIDWORKS available for mac?

    Yes, starting with SOLIDWORKS version 2015 Service Pack 2.1, SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD can be installed and officially supported as long as you have Parallels Desktop 10 virtualisation software on your Mac. Parallels Desktop is only supported for the non-server SOLIDWORKS products.

    The only potential negative to using a Mac is that the graphics card may not be officially supported which may impact performance. For further information, please visit the SOLIDWORKS system requirement page: Support for Virtual Environments.

  • Is SOLIDWORKS available for students?

    Students who can confirm enrolment in a degree-granting or certificate-granting program are eligible to purchase SOLIDWORKS Student Edition Software. SOLIDWORKS Student Edition Software offers:

    • SOLIDWORKS CAD, SOLIDWORKS Simulation, SOLIDWORKS Plastics, Animation capability, Standards Library, Photorealistic rendering, and eDrawings
    • Extensive online documentation and tutorials
    • Language options for specific software, including English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Polish, Korean, Czech, Brazilian, Portuguese, and Russian
    • 12-month term-of-use license

    Educational Establishments with SOLIDWORKS Education Edition software are a part of the Student Access Initiative. This allows students to access SOLIDWORKS software outside the classroom or laboratory using a free Student Access license. Speak to your educator for more information!

  • Is SOLIDWORKS available for linux?

    While SOLIDWORKS cannot be installed directly on the Linux operating system, there are compatibility programs out there that allow you to run Windows based programs on a Linux platform (such as Wine). However, it is important to stress that running SOLIDWORKS in this manner is not officially supported. A potentially more stable way to work would be to either use a virtual machine or use a dual boot solution with Windows alongside Linux.

  • Can SOLIDWORKS 3D Print?

    SOLIDWORKS is an excellent tool for use with 3D printing! SOLIDWORKS allows users to create their models with print-optimisation in mind before exporting to the printer. If you have a printer that is compatible with the 3MF format you can print directly from SOLIDWORKS.

    For almost any other printer you can simply save your model as the industry standard STL file and use your printer’s slicer (such as Cura, Slic3r or Simplify3D) to set the file printing.

  • Can I use SOLIDWORKS for construction?

    SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD is an ideal solution for the construction industry. The SOLIDWORKS portfolio contains tools such as Routing, Electrical, FEA and Flow Simulation that are all extremely useful when designing in this area.

    The construction and engineering industries are currently going through a revolution in regards to design and safety standard requirements. SOLIDWORKS, a world leader in mechanical design software is now bridging the gap between construction and mechanical software.

  • Can I use SOLIDWORKS for architecture?

    There is a growing need in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry for 3D Computer Aided Design software to assist architects and designers in developing and completing new complex designs challenges.

    SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD is fast becoming the software of choice for its ability to easily create complex shapes and structural assemblies with detailed drawing layouts. SOLIDWORKS 3D rendering capabilities can be used to create high quality images and BIM (Building Information Modelling) metadata can be exported when working on building projects.  

  • Who developed SOLIDWORKS?

    • In 1993 Jon Hirschtick assembled a team of engineers with the aim of making 3D CAD technology more accessible.
    • In 1995 SOLIDWORKS 95 was released, allowing engineers to bring their ideas and designs to life. SOLIDWORKS 95 ran on the Windows platform and was heavily praised, quickly winning awards for its ease of use.
    • By 1997 the software had caught the attention of technology giant, Dassault Systèmes, who acquired SOLIDWORKS.
    • To this day, SOLIDWORKS is expanding its arsenal of products to allow organisations to design products better, faster and more cost-efficiently.

  • Why choose SOLIDWORKS?

    The SOLIDWORKS portfolio offers a vast range of products covering a huge range of design needs from basic part modelling to in depth simulation. This gives companies a fully integrated solution to many design processes and the ability to collaborate between departments quickly and easily.

    SOLIDWORKS continues to drive productivity after the design stage, providing solutions for technical communications, product inspection and data management. This integration reduces design errors and speeds up the time to market.

    A large user community and excellent support structure guarantees that the development of SOLIDWORKS is driven by users, ensuring highly productive solutions are delivered by the software.

NT Applications

To help maximise the return on your SOLIDWORKS investment NT CADCAM has written some complimentary applications to increase your productivity. From simple tasks such as ‘save as’ or ‘complex numbering’ right through to ‘manufacturing automation’ NT’s range of applications are accessed via the ‘NT Toolbox’ which is free to download here. Toolbox includes a number of free applications for you to use immediately.

NT’s more advanced applications provide functionality such as ‘license unlocking’ and ‘batch processing’ and are available for a nominal yearly rental, which coincides with your subscriptions. For complete design to manufacture automation solutions or custom development work NT has a range of specialists available to help you specify and develop a solution best suited to your requirements.  

NT are always looking for ideas for ‘apps’ and ongoing development projects, so if you have something you’d like to develop or a process to automate please don’t hesitate to get in touch via the form here.


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