Developing a Turnkey Design and Manufacturing Process with SOLIDWORKS


3form Design

The Company

Product design consultancy 3form Design, have developed a turnkey design and manufacturing process which uses 3D CAD from the start.

The Challenge

Miller was dissatisfied with the conventional design process that started with designer sketches and mock up models all done in traditional manual lay ups.

The Solution

Introducing SOLIDWORKS in 1998 he found a tool that suited both his engineering and creative side. He's never looked back.


  • Ability to use CAD right from the concept stage
  • Explore shape, colour and texture rapidly whilst maintaining real life constraints of size and scale
  • Dealing with production issues early on means they don't have a problem when they come to product it
  • Ownership of design and manufacturing process allows innovative solutions
  • Enables them to always be affordable and competitive

"Creativity should not be measured by the medium we choose but how successful we can be with it"

Austen Miller
Company Founder, 3form Design

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