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The task of the industrial designer is to create shapes and forms that will resonate with the user of the product and create an emotional response. These shapes are then used, or re-created, in another design package to add the mechanical and or electrical product information to complete the product design process. This marriage of industrial and engineering design often causes headaches within the design process. Data incompatibility and extensive rework can slow product development, raise project costs and reduce overall design efficiency.

SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer is a highly flexible, interactive workflow that combines hand sketching, freeform Sub-D, feature-based, and history-free modelling, enabling designers to rapidly create, innovate, and collaborate during the concept design phase. Creating, reviewing, and selecting concepts is where SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer really speeds up the whole product design process. It is easy to capture ideas, explore forms,and iterate designs with seamless flexibility directly in a digital model, without being constrained by downstream mechanical processes.

Product knowledge, case histories and design ideas are often geographically dispersed – from the design team to suppliers to customers. Gathering these inputs can be challenging, and without collaboration, may be an incomplete historical record. All stakeholders need to be able to communicate seamlessly — wherever they are and whenever they wish. Social innovation capabilities built into the foundation of SOLIDWORKS Industrial Designer are powered by Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

Key Benefits

  • An instinctive, easy-to-use design tool
  • Enables industrial designers to create complex shapes as quickly and easily as simple prismatic shapes.
  • Concept sketching provides easy-to-use tools for creating sketch-based concepts and ideas
  • Direct editing easily transforms both native and imported solid geometry, reducing remodelling time
  • Integrated freeform and parametric surface/solid modelling merged with direct editing to capture and quickly develop ideas and concepts
  • Realistic rendering tools produce stunning images to convey how the finished product might look
  • Simplified design evolution quickly moves your concept from sketches to complex 3D geometry helping accelerate time-to-market
  • Harnesses the collective intelligence of the whole design team, customers, and supply chain to capture ideas, collaborate, and quickly get feedback
  • Store safe, secure, intelligent data that can be accessed anywhere at any time