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TransMagic - the easiest way to translate 3D CAD files

The design to manufacturing process commonly utilises ten or more different 3D applications. The ability to reuse CAD data, from any source, can have a positive impact on sales, delivery schedules, and ultimately profitability. With TransMagic you can efficiently move CAD data to any downstream application. TransMagic provides the easiest and most reliable way for manufacturing professionals to reuse 3D data in any CAD/CAM/CAE application.

Why not just use IGES or STEP?

3D modelling software is popular because design data can sometimes be reused in other stages of the manufacturing process. However, these software products have proprietary file formats which are incompatible with each other. Many people rely on IGES or STEP files to get 3D solid models from one application into another. This practice adds considerable delays as these "standard" formats typically require extensive rework to be usable. File translation roadblocks can cause project delays, tie up valuable engineering resources and increase costs.

TransMagic simplifies the transfer of 3D CAD data between applications, improves the quality of 3D model files and significantly reduces manufacturing costs.

Features and benefits of TransMagic include:

  • Maximum data exchange efficiency. TransMagic reads proprietary CAD files in their native formats. Powerful Repair tools condition models to optimise data exchange quality which results in much greater efficiency and higher data integrity.
  • Intuitive user interface allows engineers and even non-CAD experts to start file translation projects within minutes of installation.
  • No CAD software is required. TransMagic products offer an independent bridge between all 3D CAD/CAM/CAE systems, which is routinely updated to ensure it keeps pace with current CAD software releases.
  • State-of-the-art file repair technology quickly and easily makes adjustments to condition models and eliminate problems of gaps, missing surfaces or surfaces that don't fit the part, eliminating the problem before files are translated. This is included in all TransMagic products.
  • Rapid return on investment comes from the intuitive interface, automated repair functions and universal compatibility.
  • Scalability. Companies can choose value priced suites or purchase entry level products, adding more capabilities at a later date as and when required, thereby protecting their initial investment.

Who uses TransMagic?
TransMagic products are designed for professionals working a wide variety of manufacturing industries including automotive, aerospace, government, electronics and consumer products. Tool and die makers, mould makers, mechanical engineers and designers; virtually all manufacturing professionals benefit from using TransMagic.

TransMagic products are designed to serve individuals, workgroups or entire companies and are available in a number of different suites. Read more