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NT CADCAM - SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD Design Software Reseller

SOLIDWORKS Reseller NT CADCAM introduced SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD design and modelling software to the UK market in 1996 and has over 19 years of SOLIDWORKS experience combined with local industry knowledge. 

Our Customer base is currently over 2,600 UK Clients and continues to grow from within a variety of industries and engineering markets.

SOLIDWORKS 2015 offers a wealth of enhanced tools and solutions to boost design and engineering productivity, allowing you to create, simulate, communicate and manage your product designs. Create better products faster and more cost-effectively.

CAMWorks CNC Manufacturing

NT CADCAM also supply CAMWorks, providing fully automatic CNC programming for a family of features regardless of part configuration. 

Seamless integration with SOLIDWORKS provides full toolpath to solid model associativity. You can find out more about the rich set of APIS that can interpret PMI data critical for any manufacturing process on our CAMWorks product page.

2D/3D CAD and CAM Training Courses

NT CADCAM offers a comprehensive range of both scheduled SOLIDWORKS certified training courses and CAMWorks courses, which can be held either at your nearest training centre or on-site at your own premises. 

For a full schedule of training courses offered please view our Training Course Schedule. Courses are offered across all of England, Scotland and Wales.

Our Products and Services

NT CADCAM’s success as a premier SOLIDWORKS reseller is built upon being 100 percent focused on our customers' needs: supplying, training and supporting SOLIDWORKS and complementary partner products such as CAMWorks. 

NT CADCAM pride ourselves on providing a speedy response to support issues – extending beyond normal working hours - and first class training courses, ensuring customers reap a rapid return on their SOLIDWORKS investment.


New Technology CADCAM & Cambridge University Collaboration
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Need help in SOLIDWORKS?

Why not head over to our Hints and Tips section, there you will find a variety of useful instructional video guides for SOLIDWORKS and partner products. 

Seminars & Events

  • 8th October 2015 SOLIDWORKS Hands on Trial Day Lancaster Book online
  • 15th October 2015 Communicating your Designs in a whole new way Chichester Book online
  • 15th October 2015 SOLIDWORKS CAD Seminar Chichester Book online

Training Courses

  • 12th October 2015 Certified SolidWorks Essentials - 3D Part & Assembly Modelling Knutsford - Three Days Book online
  • 14th October 2015 Certified SolidWorks Flow Simulation Milton Keynes - Two Days Book online
  • 14th October 2015 Certified SolidWorks Essentials - 3D Part & Assembly Modelling Exeter - Three Days Book online


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